100% Online MBA Innovation Leadership and Consulting

Aims and Outcomes

The overall aim of the programme is to develop your critical understanding and self-awareness of the issues relating to innovation, leadership and consulting, so that you may develop your own leadership skills and knowledge, and develop both your individual and organisational potential. You will be supported as you:

  • develop critical awareness and understanding of the key concepts of leadership, innovation and change, consulting, organisational strategy, and national and organisational culture;
  • develop the ability to connect theory with practice in creative and innovative ways and reflect upon the learning involved as well as the outcomes;
  • develop critical awareness and understanding of the impact that leadership, strategy and culture can have on innovation and change processes within organisations;
  • develop and enhance life-long learning skills and personal development in order to work with self-direction and originality.

Programme learning outcomes

Upon successful completion of the programme, students will be able to:

1. Knowledge and Understanding

1.1 Develop a systematic, integrated and critically aware understanding of processes of leadership, innovation and change in organisations;

1.2 formulate a critical awareness of current issues relating to leadership, innovation and change, informed by leading edge research and practice;

1.3 will have acquired a deep knowledge and critical understanding of theories of leadership, ethics, sustainability, strategy, culture, innovation and change in organisations;

2. Cognitive and Thinking Skills

2.1 evaluate and integrate theory and practice in a wide range of situations;

2.2 extrapolate information critically and creatively utilising appropriate decision making

2.3 apply appropriate techniques in order to solve problems and identify and evaluate options

2.4 demonstrate the effective synthesis and analysis of information and knowledge in order to extract meaning and understanding of practical challenges;

3. Practical/Professional Skills

3.1 demonstrating originality, insight, and critical and reflective abilities which can be brought to bear upon problem situations;

3.2 judge complex issues systematically and creatively, with the ability to develop sound analyses whilst dealing with incomplete data;

3.3 the ability to make decisions and communicate them clearly in complex and unpredictable organisational contexts;

4. Key Transferable Skills

4.1 demonstrate the ability to use and share knowledge and information effectively to articulate key concepts and abstract meaning;

4.2 apply technological skills and research strategies in effective management decision-making;

4.3 be self-directed in the ability to learn independently in a way that ensures continuing professional development;

4.4 develop academic writing skills to share understanding and new ideas

In addition, on successful completion of the programme, participants will have provided evidence of being able to:

5.1 demonstrate an advanced understanding of concepts, information and techniques informed by knowledge at the forefront of the study of leadership, ethics, sustainability, innovation and change;

5.2 exhibit in-depth, critical, specialist knowledge and mastery of techniques sufficient to allow detailed investigation into issues related to leadership, innovation and change;

5.3 design, conduct, analyse and disseminate an extended independent piece of research relevant to leadership and/or innovation/change from inception to completion.

5.4 take a proactive, independent and self- reflective role in working and developing professional relationships with others;

  • Duration

    Minimum 12 months, maximum 3 years.

  • Study Online, graduate on-campus

    Our MBAs are available 100% Online but you are invited to attend the graduation ceremony held in York, England. Attendance to the graduation ceremony is entirely optional.

  • Delivery Method

    100% online via OnlineCampus (an interactive online learning environment) with intensive class discussion and collaboration.

  • Places

    The number of places per term is strictly limited to 60.

  • Terms

    Four terms per year (winter, spring, summer and autumn).

  • Tuition Fees

    12,000 CHF (Swiss Francs). This fee includes online library access (including ebooks), OnlineCampus access, graduation fees, and University matriculation fees. Fees are payable in interest free instalments, however, the programme is not eligible for UK Postgraduate Loans for Master’s Study. The fees are for the entire programme, and include all the courses as well as supervision for the final dissertation.

  • Accreditation and Recognition

    This programme is offered in exclusive partnership with York St John University. After successfully completing your studies at Robert Kennedy College, you will receive a degree from York St John University which is duly accredited by the British Government. York St John University degrees are recognised worldwide.

    You may verify our exclusive partnership with York St John University here.