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100% Online MBA Coaching Mentoring and Leadership

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At a glance

Duration: Minimum 12 months, maximum 3 years.

Delivery Method: 100% online via OnlineCampus (an interactive online learning environment) with intensive class discussion and collaboration.

The York Business School MBA in Coaching, Mentoring and Leadership is designed to enable you to develop critically reflective coaching, mentoring and leadership skills that can be applied in a variety of settings. You will engage in and evaluate practical coaching and mentoring activities, explore and evaluate the potential impact of coaching and mentoring on individual and organisational performance and engage with the complex moral dimensions in coaching, mentoring and leadership. Both coaching and mentoring activity are strongly associated with management and leadership. There are tensions between the concepts of leadership and management, which are again explored throughout the programme. In some instances both coaching and mentoring may be employed to contribute to the development of leaders and managers. In others, coaching and mentoring may be employed as part of the leadership or management function.

This programme will create opportunities for you to develop through practice a range of coaching and mentoring skills and techniques, and enable the development of a critical understanding of issues related to the design and implementation of coaching and mentoring schemes. The programme is delivered in such a way that you are encouraged to utilise your professional and work based context as a resource in which to practice and develop your skills in coaching and mentoring. You will be supported throughout the programme to develop appropriate ‘ground rules’, both in the learning context and the professional / work based context and to explore ethical issues.

Much of the learning is developed through the establishment of collaborative learning communities of programme participants and tutors – and you will become part of that community of learning. Your understanding is developed around the key skills, processes and practices of coaching, mentoring and leadership. Solutions to real problems are suggested, discussed and analysed within the learning community with the support of tutors and fellow learners.

The programme is international in its design and engages with themes on an international basis. Many different cultural contexts are utilised to help provide the setting for discussions. On completion of the programme, you will be able to critically evaluate a range of theories and models relating to organisations, coaching, mentoring and leadership and apply these to real life situations in order to inform your decision making. The network that you will develop over the duration of the programme often continues to be a supportive and strong community of practice post-graduation.

York St John University

This programme is offered in exclusive partnership with the York St John University.

York St John University received the University title and degree awarding powers by Her Majesty’s Most Honourable Privy Council in 2006.

The University is fully recognised by the British Government and duly listed on the United Kingdom’s Department for Education list of recognised UK awarding institutions. You can verify their official University status directly at the UK Government Website.

After successfully completing your studies online at Robert Kennedy College you will receive an Internationally recognised British degree from York St John University.

Admission Requirements

You must meet the University’s general entry criteria for postgraduate study. In addition, you must have:

  • bachelor’s degree or equivalent, achieved at Class 2.2 or above, from an approved University or Institution;


  • current or recent work experience (within the last two years) appropriate to enable you to contribute to the programme;


Entry via Open Access Module If you have extensive work experience appropriate to enable you to contribute to the programme you can gain entry to the programme through the APEL (Accredited Prior Experiential Learning) process. This should be demonstrated via the application form and a CV and will enable you to enter the programme via the Open Access Module MMK002 The Essence of Leadership. If passed, this module will provide the required evidence for you to join the full programme and the credits will count towards your Master’s degree.

YSJU in exceptional cases reserve the right to interview applicants directly to help clarify their eligibility, as appropriate. When this is the case, interviews would normally be conducted virtually.

If your first language is not English, you need to take an IELTS test or an equivalent qualification accepted by the University. You might be able to demonstrate English Language capability through work based references.

If you do not have traditional qualifications, you may be eligible for entry on the basis of Accredited Prior (Experiential) Learning (APL/APEL).

Programme Outline

Introductory Not-for-credit

Induction This is the first module of the programme which gives an orientation to the course and the online learning style. It does not carry credits, and students are encouraged to go through the material in this module at their own pace and get accustomed to the online medium.

Stage 1

120 credits - Four taught modules


  • The Essence of Leadership
  • Coaching and Mentoring Skills for Success
  • Culture, Leadership and Innovation in Organisations
  • Building Success Through Coaching and Mentoring

Stage 2

60 credits - Individual dissertation

Research Methods Live Class

  • One week intensive live lectures online to prepare for your final dissertation. Capstone Project
  • Supervised dissertation work.

Tuition Fees

12,000 CHF (Swiss Francs). This fee includes online library access (including ebooks), OnlineCampus access, graduation fees, and University matriculation fees. Fees are payable in interest free instalments, however, the programme is not eligible for UK Postgraduate Loans for Master’s Study. The fees are for the entire programme, and include all the courses as well as supervision for the final dissertation.

Module Description

Induction Not-for-credit module

This is the first module of the programme which gives an orientation to the course and the online learning style. It does not carry credits, and students are encouraged to go through the material in this module at their own pace and get accustomed to the online medium.

The Essence of Leadership

The aim of this module is to critically appraise theories of leadership and how leaders act to influence others directly, and also indirectly, by influencing organisational systems and structures. The module will focus on issues of leadership behaviours and skills required to achieve sustainable success and development for groups and organisations. The module will include an analysis of the activities of individuals in leadership roles in an organisation, or organisations, of the participant’s choice. Participants will be encouraged to use their experience of their own leadership role to inform discussions, enquiry and critical thinking.

Coaching and Mentoring Skills for Success

This module will focus on supporting students as they develop the coaching and mentoring skills that are instrumental in building sustainable success for individuals and groups. It will have a strong underpinning of theory and practical application which will be supported through peer to peer learning.

Culture, Leadership and Innovation in Organisations

The aim of this module is to study the cultural context of the organisation and its impact on performance, innovation and change. The module will explore concepts and theories of national and organisational culture, concepts from institutional theory and the relationship between culture and leadership in organisations. The impact of culture on how power is exercised, and on ethical behaviour in organisations, will be explored.

Building Success Through Coaching and Mentoring

This module will focus on evaluating the application of a range of coaching and mentoring skills and frameworks to improve performance and success for individuals and organisations.


Aims and Learning Outcomes

The overall aim of the programme is to develop your critical understanding and self-awareness of the issues relating to leading innovation and change, so that you may develop your own leadership skills and knowledge, and develop both your individual and organisational potential. You will be supported as you:

  • develop critical awareness and understanding of the key concepts of leadership, innovation and change, organisational strategy, and national and organisational culture;
  • develop the ability to connect theory with practice in creative and innovative ways and reflect upon the learning involved as well as the outcomes;
  • develop critical awareness and understanding of the impact that leadership, strategy and culture can have on innovation and change processes within organisations;
  • develop and enhance life-long learning skills and personal development in order to work with self-direction and originality.

Programme learning outcomes

Upon successful completion of the programme, students will be able to:

  1. Knowledge and Understanding

1.1 Develop a systematic, integrated and critically aware understanding of processes of leadership, innovation and change in organisations;

1.2 formulate a critical awareness of current issues relating to leadership, innovation and change, informed by leading edge research and practice;

1.3 will have acquired a deep knowledge and critical understanding of theories of leadership, ethics, sustainability, strategy, culture, innovation and change in organisations;

  1. Cognitive and Thinking Skills

2.1 evaluate and integrate theory and practice in a wide range of situations;

2.2 extrapolate information critically and creatively utilising appropriate decision making

2.3 apply appropriate techniques in order to solve problems and identify and evaluate options

2.4 demonstrate the effective synthesis and analysis of information and knowledge in order to extract meaning and understanding of practical challenges;

  1. Practical/Professional Skills

3.1 demonstrating originality, insight, and critical and reflective abilities which can be brought to bear upon problem situations;

3.2 judge complex issues systematically and creatively, with the ability to develop sound analyses whilst dealing with incomplete data;

3.3 the ability to make decisions and communicate them clearly in complex and unpredictable organisational contexts;

  1. Key Transferable Skills

4.1 demonstrate the ability to use and share knowledge and information effectively to articulate key concepts and abstract meaning;

4.2 apply technological skills and research strategies in effective management decision-making;

4.3 be self-directed in the ability to learn independently in a way that ensures continuing professional development;

4.4 develop academic writing skills to share understanding and new ideas

In addition, on successful completion of the programme, participants will have provided evidence of being able to:

5.1 demonstrate an advanced understanding of concepts, information and techniques informed by knowledge at the forefront of the study of leadership, ethics, sustainability, innovation and change;

5.2 exhibit in-depth, critical, specialist knowledge and mastery of techniques sufficient to allow detailed investigation into issues related to leadership, innovation and change;

5.3 design, conduct, analyse and disseminate an extended independent piece of research relevant to leadership and/or innovation/change from inception to completion.

5.4 take a proactive, independent and self- reflective role in working and developing professional relationships with others;